About us


”The Elßholzstraße 10, 10781 Berlin” has always been a bar since 1905.

”The bar is dead. Long live the Bar!” Times have changed and the concept of a cocktail is different everywhere you go. We believe in making all of our drinks from high quality ingredients,  exclusive alcohol from prestigious brands and a touch passion in every drop.

Where can you find the best cocktails? You have already found it.

The Hudson Bar Berlin is the most immersive cocktail bar in Schöneberg since 1988 with over two hundred cocktails, snacks, and the classic art-deco atmosphere perfect for the celebration with friends and family’s events. Creatives and Entrepreneurs are welcome to share with us your ideas and projects.

Check our happy hours and contact us for birthdays, special offers and social events.

Join us for a drink or two (or more).


Friday 19:00 pm – 03:00 am
Saturday 19:00 pm – 03:00 am